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123 Kids expo…. a marketplace for all things children’ will create a business forum for the promotion of quality childcare products and services, in one location. ‘

The expo is open to all manufacturers, distributors, importers/exporters, wholesalers, retailers and service providers.

Admission is free to qualified media representatives, that have a professional affiliation to the industry. Please fill out the registration form, submit and provide valid identification. On-site registration is available.

123 Kids Expo is expected to reach families across Trinidad and Tobago and by extension, the wider Caribbean with targeted investment in TV. radio, print and social media advertising & partnerships and dedicated social media coordination.

This includes traditional media outlets advertising during drive time for radio and talk shows. Online roll-out includes video marketing, blog posting, article marketing Forum Marketing and Social Networking, Viral Marketing, Traffic Trading.

Photographers& Videographers must provide letter of assignment from a confirmed exhibitor.

Media Contacts:

Trendy Trade Show Company
Po Box 9200
National Mail Centre , Piarco
Phone: 1868 790 1199
Email: [email protected]

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